The Primary Base

The Primary Base at the Forum Centre teaches children across the primary school age ranges, and follows the National Curriculum. The activities and lessons are planned by taking the ability and needs of our pupils into account.

The teaching day starts with calming activities that allow children to get into a focused mind-set, and so ready for learning. Our curriculum is mainly taught with a thematic approach and an emphasis on Maths and English skills. Pupils read to an adult on a daily basis as well as practise handwriting, spelling and grammar skills.

There is a weekly maths focus, where the children have opportunity to develop their skills in number using a variety of resources such as board games, practical equipment and IT activities as well as written tasks. Multiplication skills are practiced weekly. Topics across the primary curriculum include: British History, Space and Forces, English Writers, The Living World and World Geography. These give opportunity for our pupils to learn more about the world around them and produce work that reflects their knowledge and skills, including their ability to write independently.

 There is opportunity through the year for practical Food technology lessons, teaching basic hygiene in the kitchen, food preparation skills and cooking or baking a wide range of products. The PE curriculum is taught through weekly trampolining and fitness lessons, as well as swimming and outside games lessons.

Excellent work and behaviour is rewarded with Golden Time and Head teacher certificates, managed through a Positive Points system. Pupils are given individual learning and behaviour targets, that reflect the ability and needs of each child. Once achieved, pupils receive a ‘Well done’ postcard to bring home.

We maintain a strong school/home contact, insuring that parents and carers are informed of daily events.