A new course for Sept 2024 – further information and photos to follow




Our aim is to provide high quality and engaging education for all our students who would like an introduction to the world of travel and tourism.  Students will explore key areas within the sector, including accommodation, tourism development and promotion, transport and visitor attractions.  They will investigate the importance of the travel and tourism sector to the UK and investigate different types of customer and UK destinations.  They will also have the opportunity to study international travel and tourism.

This award will provide Cultural Capital for students by ensuring the individual can succeed academically and engage in wider society.

Pupils will develop a wide variety of skills. Many of these are transferable – supporting subjects across curriculum and students with careers Post 16;

  • Locational knowledge.
  • Awareness of places around the world.
  • Research skills.
  • Independent learning skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Customer awareness.
  • Report drafting.
  • Writing skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Map and atlas skills.
  • Graphical skills.
  • Numerical skills.
  • Interpret data.
  • Comparison skills.
  • Problems solving.
  • Teamwork.
  • Problem solving.
  • Reflecting on success.
  • Identifying where improvements can be made.




This qualification is taught over 120 guided learning hours – there is a mixture of mandatory and optional units.


Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Travel and Tourism


Mandatory Units

Assessment method



The UK Travel and Tourism Sector




UK Travel and Tourism Destinations




The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience









International Travel and Tourism Destinations




Factors affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism




We will aim to incorporate a trip or two throughout the year of study – possibly to the local airport or a nearby tourist destination.

All lessons will be carefully planned, well-structured and show a clear direction in progress. Lessons will be taught enthusiastically, with a variety of imaginative, creative, well-paced lessons to suit all needs and catch everyone’s imagination.

Student’s will be provided clear objective every lesson and will be encouraged to reflected upon these objectives and their own learning. This will give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning.

Key skills that are learnt and practiced throughout the year (as listed above) will be shared with students to link with CV/personal statement and support with Post 16 destinations.




Students will carry out tasks and assignments throughout the course.  These will be assessed and marked by the teacher, and feedback will be provided.

For Unit 3: The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience – you will draw on the knowledge, skills and understanding you have developed in the qualification.

For Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector – students will be required take at test which is marked externally.  The test will be a mixture of multi choice and open-ended response questions based on the main types of tourism in the UK and the different component industries that make up the UK travel and tourism sector.

Completing this Level 1/Level 2 First Award will provide a sound basis for progression to further study in Travel and tourism through a BTEC, Level 3 or apprenticeship.



There are a variety of resources available – please ask your teacher for support.


Documentaries/TV programmes

  • BBC iPlayer – the Travel show.  You can watch the team on their journey discovering new destinations around the globe and uncovering hidden sides to some of the world’s favourite holiday hotspots.


  • BBC iPlayer – Race across the World.


  • BBC iPlayer Michael Palin looks at historical railway journeys.


  • The case of a rogue Brazilian travel agent and the unhappy customers.




Always good to keep an eye on current affairs. BBC news or Sky news are good places to start – are their strikes affecting customers?  What is the latest place to visit on holiday? What are locals in the UK concerned about with the number of people walking up Snowdon (for example)?

Your teacher will keep an eye out and the class will look at current news stories as and when they occur.



We have variety of books available in the classroom – talk to your teacher about your interests and we can loan you one.